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Escalator Step Cleaning Brushes are available as a (Tufted) Rotating Brush and suit most commonly used machines including: Roots, Duplex, Rotomac, Cimex, Treadmaster & Eureka.

Rotating Brushes are fitted to specialised machinery e.g. Roots E4550ES, that use rotating brushes to agitate the dirt from inside the grooves of the steps. The most commonly used brush filaments in routine daily escalator cleaning, are poly & nylon filaments where a more aggressive Tynex brushes are occasionally used for heavy-duty deep cleaning only.

Rotating Brushes are made by stapling knots of filament into pre-drilled cores, otherwise known as a Staple Set Tufted Rotating Brush. The most commonly used brush patterns are staggered rows, helix or chevron patterns with parallel & spiral rows also available.


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