Boot Cleaner Replacement Brushes - Set of 3 12088PR

Boot Cleaner Replacement Brushes - Set of 3 12088PR

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Powder Coated Boot Cleaner

Keep your offices, home or club house clean this winter with Industrial Brushware's Boot Cleaner! Leave mud, dirt, sand and grit at the door in one easy step.

Industrial Brushware's Boot Cleaner will keep your cleaning time to a minimum. It will also increase safety on the job due to the better grip of the clean boot treads. The bristles are firm enough to remove stubborn deposits but will not damage the leather of normal work boots. These replacement Brushes will help your boot cleaner to perform optimally.


  • Refillable Brushes - fits both Stainless Steel and Powder Coated variants


  • Constructions sites
  • Mining sites
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Quarries
  • Golf Clubs